Tea Menu

Welcome to our extensive menu of organic and fair trade loose leaf teas. All teas on this menu are available for purchase in 2 or 4 oz and higher increments.


    • House Blend Tea

      This is our House Blend Tea. It is an elegant reminiscent of the Victorian Era. The superb taste comes from an Earl Grey Black and Jasmine Green Base with Lavender and Rose Petals.


    • Assam (Black Tea)

    • Ceylon Sonata (Black Tea)

    • Darjeeling

    • Earl Grey

    • English Breakfast

    • Lapsang Souchong

    • Chai


    • Black

    • Earl Grey

    • Peach

    • Raspberry

    • Spiced Decaf

    • Blended Flavored & Scented Black Teas

    • Almond

    • Apricot

    • Buccaneer

      A black and rooibos blend flavored with organic coconut, apple, cocoa beans, white & dark chocolate bits, natural chocolate, vanilla & cream

    • Butterscotch

      Tastes like a butterscotch candy! Blended with black tea, apple pieces, cocoa nibs, rose hips, butterscotch flavor and marigold flowers

    • Candy Cane

    • Chocolate Chai

    • Chocolate Chip

    • Chocolate Truffle

      Ceylon black tea blended with cocoa nibs, chicory, chocolate chips and a dash of cocoa powder. A chocolate lover's dream!

    • Christmas

      Black tea from Sri Lanka with spicy cinnamon, cloves and orange peels

    • Cinnamon

    • Coconut

    • Forest Berries

      Natural forest berries flavor, raspberry leaves, raspberries and strawberries

    • Ginger Peach

    • Grantham's Abbey

      Orange pekoe and Assam with calendula and sunflower petals and raspberry leaves

    • Hibiscus

    • Irish Coffee

      A black and rooibos blend is a perfect blend of tea and coffee. Contains caramel cream bits and real coffee beans

    • Lady Mary's Reserve

      Black tea base with roasted almonds, rose blossoms, cardamom, vanilla

    • Lemon Soleil

    • Mango

    • Mother's Bouquet

      A rich, fragrant bouquet combining black peach tea, rose petals and rose hips

    • Persian Nectar

      Black tea with apple, chicory root, hibiscus, peach and rose hips

    • Pumpkin Spice

    • Raspberry

    • Ripe for Romance

      Flavors of raspberry and chocolate meld together with black tea in the amorous blend

    • Spiced Apple Chai

    • Strawberry

    • Sugarplum

      Flavored with dried plums and sweetened with rock sugar crystals

    • Summer Rose

    • Sweet Cherry Almond

    • Valentine's Tea

      Tastes like a chocolate covered strawberry

    • Vanilla

    • Violette

      A blend of black and sencha green tea. The primary flavorings are strawberry and violet with a hint of rose and cornflower petals


    • Aubrey Rose

      This lovely tea is named for my two beautiful granddaughters. It is a rooibos-honeybush blend flavored with sweet raspberries and rose petals. It is delicate, gentle and lovely with no caffeine.

    • Blood Orange

    • Chamomile & Lavendar

    • Foxtrot

      An herbal cocktail of Egyptian chamomile, south african rooibos & fresh Peppermint leaves

    • Honeybush

    • Honeybush Pumpkin Chai

    • Lemongrass Ginger

      A light lemony taste, with a slight hint of ginger

    • Peppermint

    • Raspberry Patch

      Zesty, tart and slightly sweet. Fresh raspberries, apple pieces, Rose hips and hibiscus

    • Red Velvet

      A beautiful blend of apple, cacao beans, chocolate bits, hibiscus, Rasberry, rooibos, rose hips, vanilla flavor & white chocolate bits

    • Rooibos

    • Rooibos Cinnamon Apple

    • Rooibos Nutcracker

      This blend features fruit, nuts, caramel & cocoa

    • Rooibos Vanilla Chai

    • Santa's Nightcap

      A rooibos blend combining eggnog flavoring with cinnamon

    • Spearmint

    • Yuletide Toddy

      Classic holiday flavors of cranberry, orange & cinnamon spice


    • Girlfriends Forever

      Raspberry Earl Grey

    • Savannah Grey

      Flavored with Lavender


    • China Green

    • Gloria's Garden

      A lovely green tea flavored with strawberries and papaya

    • Green Mango

    • Jasmine

    • Rawandan Green


    • Apricot Love

      A lovely, gentle white and green tea blend with the tart flavor of apricots

    • Royal Wedding

      Flavored with raspberry champagne, a fruity and floral blend

    • Snow White

      Apple, natural apple flavoring, organic hibiscus & mango, natural mango flavor, rose hips, organic white tea

    • White Peach

    • White Strawberry


    • Daydream

      This tea is designed to help you wind down after a long day's work. Blended with hibiscus flowers, orange peels, peppermint leaves, licorice root, milk thistle, passion flowers inclusion, lavender flowers, lemon balm and marigold flowers. This is a decaf tea.

    • Minty Comfort

      A comforting, spirit lifting mixture of fresh peppermint, echinacea, eucalyptus and juniper berries. This is a decafe tea.

    • Speedy Recovery

      Hasten your recovery with a restorative elixir of green tea, ginger, licorice, mind and fennel. This tea contains a moderate level of caffeine.

    • Tea-tox

      Clense your body while lifting your spirits with minty freshness and spicy zest. Blended with milk thistle, burdock, green rooibos tea, cinnamon bark, peppermint leaves, dandelion root and lemon balm. This is a decaf tea.

    • Throat Therapy

      Treat your sore throat to the warm and soothing embrace of sweet licorice, calming anise and fresh raspberry leaves. Blended with licorice root, raspberry leaves, hibiscus flowers, orange peels, cinnamon bark and slippery elm. This is a decaf tea.

    • Pricing

      Teas listing on our Tea Menu are available for purchase in 2 or 4 oz and higher increments. Each tea will be weighed and packaged as ordered.

    • Tea Pricing

      2 oz - $12
      4 oz - $22
    • Specialty Teas

      2 oz teas - $15
      4 oz teas - $25

      Buccaneer, Simply Victorian, Gloria's Garden, Violette, Sugar Plum, Sweet Cherry Almond, Santa's Nightcap, Girfriend's Forever, Grantham's Abbey, Lady Mary's Reserve, Aubrey Rose, Irish Coffee

    • Royal Wedding Tea

      2 oz - $15
      4 oz - $25